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Some of the reasons for consuming vegetables is for their natural enzymes, phyto-proteins, and fibres that feed and cleanse our internal systems assisting them in optimum performance. Eat fresh. Pound for pound you will receive more benefits from living produce than frozen.

Produce is picked before it’s peak so that it arrives in the market semi-ripe and last longer on the shelf. if the product has not ripened by the time you purchase it you should treat it as the market does and leave it at room temperature until ripe. Direct from the farm markets or markets on the farm are the absolute best places to get your fresh produce. At the supermarket produce that is in season is the produce that is on sale or priced to move quickly.

Choosing foods high in nutrition density and foods that are in season will support the functions of the body during the current season and prepare the body for the oncoming season for maximum survival. Because we live in a global society and reap the benefits of fresh produce year round it is important to recognize what role produce plays in the human diet. Along with sufficient hydration, learning to shop and cook from the produce section is one of the best wellness practices you can develop. Not only will you save money on your grocery bill you will begin to notice a difference in how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Making diet decisions based on good information is key in choosing eating strategies that maximize performance and benefit from our foods.


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Today Dr. Oz is talking about the 48 Hour Cleanse. Detox and cleanse are used synonymously to describe the best ways to begin a new diet, weight loss program, or boost the metabolism. Detox is a natural function of the body using the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and colon.

Today’s fave and rave is all about a product that is gentle enough to use every day and powerful enough to do the job efficiently and effectively. Nutranomics Total Body Detox supports these elimination organs with nutrients they need for optimal function while assisting them in doing their job to cleanse toxins from the body.

A superior whole food product that doesn’t include anything the body cannot use the Total Body Detox is part of my nutrition strategy. The foods Dr. Oz recommends are the bones of a successful eating strategy for optimum health. These two tactics are easy additions to your personal wellness strategy.

Keep your body rockin’


Touchdown! Fall Fitness in 6 Easy Steps #elleeyre #diet #fitness #fall

Fall is upon us and Americans are preparing for another October obsession. As much as I like football season I am not talking about an obsession with who will take the Lombardi trophy home after the final battle on the gridiron. I am talking about the obsession American’s have with fat, too much of it around America’s mid-sections, an obsession that stems from our cultural adolescence. With its growing pains, competitiveness, and clear desire for freedom to do what we want when we want, our culture tends to breed ideologies that are fresh and new that separate us from old ways of thinking. Hind sight is 20/20 and Americans are gradually catching on to the wisdom of ancient worlds.

It is natural behavior to take inventory of life in the Fall; early humans took inventory of food and supplies to prepare for winter months when these item would not be easily accessible.   The rhythmic pulse of the earth informed our rhythm or cycle. It was obvious to move with these cycles when we grew and hunted for our food. The earth gave us what we needed when we needed it and our behaviors followed.  In many cultures around the world they continue health practices that are in sync with the change in season. In a country where the year round availability of food and 24 hour gym access can mask the signals our bodies give us to transition our diet and exercise lifestyles with the seasons, it is vital to be aware of the body’s natural rhythms and choose strategies that support the body.

The leaves are changing, its time to change our routines. As we calibrate our thermostats for warm days and cool nights, bring the sweaters, coats and jackets out of storage, winterize our cars, and usher in the season of football, hot drinks and warm socks, let’s winterize our bodies as well.  To begin your lifestyle assessment define the difference you see between what you see in nature in the Spring and Fall to discover the clues nature provides about your body’s needs for Fall.

Success in attaining any goal takes a simple formula that consists of:

  • An objective.
  • Strategies, and
  • Tactics to support the objective.

Transform an obsession into a plan for success:

  1. Define your health objective for fall.
  2. Imagine life in fulfillment of the objective. Enlist all of the senses to build a three dimensional experience.
  3. Identify strategies that support your objective, such as changes in diet and exercise routines, and an accountability partner.
  4. List three specific actions that move you toward accomplishing your goal each week.
  5. Assess your progress weekly, and
  6. Reset your action list, rinse and repeat.
The quickest route between two points is a straight line. The cause of so many failed or slow to manifest desires is the winding path between the beginning and the end. Straighten the path to your desired results with a clear picture of the end result and decisive use of knowledge, skills, and talents. By using your imagination to create a three dimensional version of your outcome you are able to evaluate your plan, make adjustments and add resources where necessary before you begin. Enlisting all of the senses to create your mental model defines the desired outcome clearly and decisively to the mind and body. These two key elements increase the success rate of any goal. Football quarterbacks have greater success once they get into their rhythm on the field. Synchronizing your life rhythm with nature’s rhythm quickly turns obsessions into healthy lifestyle habits that flow free and easy with a touchdown every time.

Effective Parenting is as Easy as 1-2-3 #elleeyre #children #parenting

“Children are an expression of two individuals and the way they desire to impact the world through this expression”  — Elle Eyre

A “good” athlete observes and models other athletes who are getting the effect they which to achieve. “Successful” professionals also study and model others they find to be successful and then model their strategies to attain the results they desire. All of the parents I know have the desire to be ‘good’ ones. Each parent is challenged with factors that affect how they approach parenting. The closest and most apparent model two people have as parents is their parents. Evolution encourages us to continually improve and progress which is very evident when interviewing parents about their style of parenting in comparison to their parents. With each couple on the path of parental evolution a large amount of information has surfaced about ways to be a ‘good’ parent.

Children are an expression of two individuals and they way they desire to impact the world through this expression. Objectives reflect the overall effect a parent desires to have on the world through bringing their children to adulthood. Effective parents consider what their objectives are for raising children and base their actions upon what they plan to achieve as a parent. Effective parents measure the success of their methods by observing how their children respond to their world. Effective parents teach their children how to function constructively, encourage their children to express themselves and adjust methods that are not working.

Three easy steps to becoming a more effective parent are:

  1. Define your objective as a parent. Brainstorm what qualities you desire to see in your children as adults. Create a statement that reflects your objective.
  2. Consider the overall impact you will have on the world by accomplishing your objective through raising your children.
  3.  Define the tools your children will need to have to develop the qualities you desire to see.  Manage situations using these tools and in a way that supports your objective.

There is one more gift effective parents give their children:

Freedom. Freedom to express themselves, freedom to experiment with the tools they are learning, and freedom to trust their own inner knowing.

The results speak for themselves. You can measure the results by observing how your child handles decisions and position themselves in social situations at home or around friends. When someone needs to have their voice heard they express it in many ways behaviorally, verbally or through self-defeating behaviors. Children who receive tools that are helpful to them and cause them to be successful in their lives as they live it tend to seek and take parental guidance more often. Preparing a child to handle their thoughts, emotions, and physical expressions constructively is what parents are for.

5 Effective Strategies for Life that You Can Apply Today #elleeyre #livinglifeempowered

Everyone has a pattern for processing experiences that effect choices and results in life. Gaining a clear understanding of our own patterns helps us to become effective communicators and gives us an advantage in our decision making.  Increasing positive results in life is simple when we have strategies to handle the seemingly random circumstances life brings and enhances our effectiveness in the world.  By applying basic principles of self evaluation and assessment we have the ability to increases our efficiency in processing minor and major events.

Having a strategy for handling events on constructive autopilot is powerful.  To create change in our lives these strategies are essential.  Much of how we respond, or react, to life comes from the experiences we have had in our families. Parents teach their children through the example of the way they handle situations and how they behave in their varying relationships. As children grow into adulthood they often find that the ways they handle relationships with people, as well as health, education, and world are a result of autopilot connections from problem to solution that were modeled by their parents, teachers, and friends. When there is a breakdown in the effectiveness of these automatic responses it is essential that we recognize our limitations and learn effective decision making skills.

New science has taken us far beyond the traditional decision making process. Gone are the days of where the only information we had to resolve lack of effective thinking and feeling was through psychoanalysis by a professional or through mind and mood altering medications. Today, new thought has made available solutions that are self-responsible and non-evasive. We understand behavioral pattern, the power of the imagination, and the importance of being self aware.  The new information tells us that we have the power to effect great change by simple changing our mind about situations and how we feel about them. New science has brought ancient healing methods to us in a way that we are taught to trust through the application of the scientific process.

The final element that ignites change through these methods is human will.  We have become a society of immediate results, fast food, and conveniences that make the mastery of the mind, emotions, and body appear to be complicated and difficult. It is so much easier to pop a pill or blame someone else than it is to assess ones own self and create effective positive change. Yet we are bewildered and surprised when events repeat themselves.  It can easily be compared to the surprise one might experience when they realize they have reached an unhealthy weight when they have not practiced habits that reveal healthy results.

Five efective strategies that you can apply today include:

  1. Simple awareness of thoughts and emotions.
  2. Mapping behavior and desired behavior provides you with a clear picture from which you can create your strategy.
  3. Taking inventory of recent events with the thoughts, feelings and actions took in relationship to these events increases awareness of patterned behavior.
  4. Creating a list that compares and contrasts the results of these thoughts, feelings and actions into two columns, working and not working, builds awareness of how your behavior affects the results of these choices.
  5. Defining the desired results and allowing the experience to flow through your imagination as if it is already so provides a foundation for clear and clean intention in integrity to your desired outcome.  If you have never experienced similar circumstances that resulted in the desired state then use your imagination to model your ideal outcome, mapping it over to your life.

It may appear that this strategy is simple seeming to minimize your current situation. However, by defining periods of time for which to see measurable results soon what seemed overwhelming is eaten away one day at a time.

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This weeks Faves and Raves goes out to Elvis fans everywhere. Elvis lives in a parallel universe. Finally credible sources confirm long lived convictions that the King of Rock and Roll is yet living. 


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This weeks Friday Faves and Raves is inspired by girls night out at the Wiseguys Comedy Club. This ” Machine Gun” bit sent me on a trip down memory lane to the teasing I got from my brother that girls can’t make sound effects. I was scarred for life after he told me that my bombs sounded like toilets flushing. Thanks brother.

Enjoy the walk down memory lane as you take a peek at this hillarious bit by Craig Shoemaker.


8 Questions To Enhance Your Child’s Problem Solving Capabilities at Any Age

Recently I engaged in a conversation with one of my children, who recently discovered her mother knows a quite a bit for an adult. She is, after all, a certified teenager, so this is quite a compliment. Whether or not her friends are sincere in their adoration is not as significant as the questions they have been expelling with requests for assistance from their friend’s mom who seems to have said something one time that made a difference in one of their lives, which would be me. As I listened to the questions as they came, I recognized something that I freely shared with the group. My observation came from a movie I saw once, some of you might be aware of it, called 300. The scene where the boy, at the ripe age of, I don’t know,seven, is sent into the wilderness wearing what seemed to be a diaper, spear in hand. In hope that her child would return worthy to be called a Spartan, the mother wept as he disappeared into the mist. I recall having a twinge of this feeling as I sent my children to an equally terrifying wilderness called Junior High. It has not escaped my attention that the years between twelve and eighteen are years where children are learning to survive in a less than Utopian society and expected to exit with life skills that will lead them to be confident, contributing adults into the world as metaphorical Spartans as some survive others do not.

The epiphany came as I realized these girls had no relational communication skills outside of the high school community standard. I recognized that it was possible that we had done our girls a disservice by throwing them into the wilderness with the boys who are wired as warriors and that they were having difficulty navigating the warrior world in their communication because they were wired differently. What counsel could I give that would make sense in the female brain that would translate in their communication to the male brain, short of, “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars so get over it?” How could I paint a picture that would be simple and easy for them to apply in much of their male, female relationships that would be more effective than, “Men suck?”, no offense to my male readers. I am an advocate for self-responsibility and creating clear, working communication from an individual to their world. So naturally, I told the girls it was their fault and to beg for forgiveness for whatever they had done, of course I didn’t say that. I know that you thought I actually did, if only for a second. I explained to them how to remove emotion from the situation while still acknowledging that they dhad feelings and that we would talk about those later. I also ushered this advice as girlfriends, they should always direct gossip back to the source of the concern. Easily translated, don’t let them (men) see you flinch and mind your own business.

How do I actually feel about the subject? You don’t want to know. I will say however, that I don’t know that as a society we are not doing an effective job at giving our children real world communication skills that they can apply after they exit the wilderness of the teen years. This is why I have a job, counseling adults to change self-communication habits that they have been practicing all of their lives and simply are not working for them. Our children do need to know how to filter the input that they receive and manage it correctly so that they can interpret the skills that will actually benefit them in the “real world.” Without better interpretation and communication skills, our children cannot filter the thousands upon thousands of bits of data they have coming in and use them effectively. I will be the first to admit that my children are smarter than I was at their age and even still, they understand things that I may never understand. Most parents I talk to admit that kids are prewired for the technological world that they are born into. Having said that, I feel it will take more than simple modeling for our children to learn how to be effective communicators.

If your children are typical, or not, and you realize that they spend less and less time in natural conversation it is important to teach them effective problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. Children need to know how to interpret their own thoughts, feelings, sensations, and dreams. They need confidence in themselves to make decisions that will bring them to their greatest joy through knowing how to apply what they have learned from these interpretations. Most of all children need to know how to value themselves. By interpreting the information they are getting from their external world effectively they are more apt to recognize how to prioritize that information into belief systems that inform choices in which they feel personal power, accomplishment and connection to others.

There are games that you can create to assist them as small children that will get them thinking critically about all that is going on inside of them. Here are eight questions that will enhance your child’s problem solving capabilities at any age;

1.       How does that feel in your body?

2.       What do you feel about that?

3.       What do you think about that?

4.       How would you like this to turn out?

5.       Can you imagine what that would look like, sound like, and feel like?

6.       Can you see that happening in your mind when you close your eyes?

7.       How did you make that happen in your mind?

8.       Do you think you can make that happen outside of your mind?

Of course, you would pose these questions in a way that your child will understand them. The intention of the exercise is to get the child familiar with checking in with itself, visualize the outcome, and then translate that into actions that get them their desired results. Working with my teenage ‘groupies’ I have assisted them to recognize the rules that they have made for themselves which are subconsciously being played out in their physical world and taught them how to change their thinking and feeling habits to create change in their results. I thought that teaching them how to drive was nerve wracking. Watching as they work through painful situations as self-responsible adults is much worse. I say that in the spirit of levity because I am so proud of the way they have applied what they know and how much less drama we are experiencing at home because of it.

Till Next Time,

Keep Rockin’



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This weeks fave is bound to make your life easier. I’m raving about the ease, simplicity, and low cost of using the square to get paid while you’re out right from your phone. It’s really amazing. It’s as easy as one, download the square app, two, register at, and three, get paid. Told you that you’d love it. Have fun in the sun on that trip you’re going on with all that cash you’ve made.

Every Day is Christmas. Turning Red to Green. #elleeyre #saltlakecitylocal #saltlakecitybusiness #businesstraining #networkinginsaltlakecity #economicstimulous

As I get caught up in the amusement park that is my mind of ideas I recognize that a few could be turned into money makers. I have a habit of attracting people into my life that are filled with new ideas which become new rides in my mental amusement park. Out of these friends there are few who have the skill, talent or resources for turning their ideas into money. I often thought about how much I would love to get a few of my ideas out of the amusement park and inject some green into my elleconomy.

At one time I was jealous (the wrong kind of green) of those friends who made it look so easy. Instead of getting frustrated (and turning the wrong kind of red) I began to see them not only as friends but also resources of valuable information to assist me with the development the ideas which would stimulate my elleconomy, the lightbulb went on and The Out of the Box Club was born.

The Out of the Box Club is my answer to the problem so many entrepreneur friends were having called “in the red.” The club is designed to gather entrepreneural minds together, to teach each other from experience, to lead fellow members to resources and to stimulate innovation and creativity outside the box of traditional business clubs or networking groups. Because innovation breeds relevance in the marketplace and members have access to a creative team it gives them a big business edge to their eneavors. The other half of membership is the valuble information I can offer to assist members to overcome the mental – emotional obsticles that keep people from moving on an idea or progressing through the steps to make it a business. This creates a unique experience for members and is a game changer.

Anyone can join our club and we would be lucky to have you. Introductory classes are held the first Tuesday of each month via Teleconference. For more information please contact me by email, I am looking forward to learning more about you. Open the Box and peek inside your personal stimulous package with The Out of the Box Club today.