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Method and Madness #lyfemethod

by Elle Eyre

People get stuck living day to day and avoid getting excited about life. No one want to set themselves up for disappointment or failure. The majority are setting expectations and goals just within reach so that they don’t fail, too badly. I have been one of these people. I have felt grand disappointment and the heartache that follows. I have felt the depression, the anger, and the frustration of wanting more but it being seemingly out of reach.

Overwhelmed by life taking it a day at a time something inside of me called out saying that this is a big problem and that I had more potential, more to accomplish, more experience. My generous heart was wasting away becoming smaller and smaller each day. To avoid becoming as the Grinch who stole Christmas I set out to create a solution, not only for myself, but for others. I had found in my work in fitness that there were a lot of people who struggled to want for more because they felt restricted by what was.

After many years of research and practice on hundreds of people I found several trends in success and failure. I found that the brain, body, and internal soul all have their roles, and that there were practices out there that were being used separately, but when combined they were like super powers. The LYFE Method is a combination of these practices into one super power to solve problems that are overwhelming and turn them into building blocks for success.

In the LYFE Method we use a lot of imagination, pictures, and progressive behaviors in an order that matches the organic functions of all humans. The Method helps you to get ideas out of your head, onto paper, sort them out, make decisions about what you want to gain, discard the unnecessary parts, make plans, and implement strategies that accomplish what you want to accomplish in easy to manage action steps. The Method helps you to connect all of your activities to the desire of your heart.

The imagery that is used in the Method make your brain happy. Pictures help you think, make better decisions faster, help you to communicate your ideas, decisions and visions to those who can help you reach your goals. The Method can be used to make decisions, develop goals, and communicate in all areas of your life. When it is a mechanism that helps you to see where you are in your progression quickly giving you insight to what is happening in your internal and external world. You become better equipped to handle situations and resolve issues with others in constructive and positive ways.

Most of us are disorganized in one area or another inside or out. If you can imagine a closet packed with everything you didn’t want your company to see when they came over, added before each visit, but never unpacked this would represent the unorganized areas inside as well. We go through many situations that cause us to have feelings, thoughts, and actions that are stored and used as reference by our brains and every cell in our bodies. Life gets busy and we don’t clean out the closet and don’t create habits of keeping things up so that the house is ready for company without having to shove things into that closet in a back room. Soon the closet bulges, the door doesn’t close all of the way, soon stuff is stacked in front of the door, and soon no one cares if the company sees the mess and apathy creeps in. When the desire arises to take care of the situation it is overwhelming and takes a lot of internal motivation to get it done mainly because you are looking at the whole mess and not its parts.

When there is a part of your life that gets to be like this closet the LYFE Method helps you to approach the situation in a way that doesn’t put your system into overload beginning with processes taught on Sesame Street.

  1. Organize the parts using pictures and group them into senses, feelings, thoughts, and actions.
  2. Remove the parts that you won’t need to accomplish the project at hand.
  3. Visualize the finished and organized product.
  4. From the visualization identify how each of the senses, feelings, thoughts, and actions were used to create the desired result.
  5. Remove any senses, feelings, thoughts, and actions left in the groups that were not used.
  6. Reorganize the parts and assign them to their roles.
  7. In short three-step lists write down the actions that can be done weekly to complete the project.
  8. Evaluate your progress each week and make adjustments to your action lists until the project is complete.

Of course it takes the different tools and resources to complete different projects or different parts of the same project depending on how big the project is. The LYFE Method is taught in a series of progressive classes and workshops giving you instruction and practice with each of the tools so that you will have the ability to put them to work for you right away. Our intention is to provide tools and resources to people who are ready to make improvements to their life, optimize their lifestyle, and experience health, wealth and success.


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