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Touchdown! Fall Fitness in 6 Easy Steps #elleeyre #diet #fitness #fall

Fall is upon us and Americans are preparing for another October obsession. As much as I like football season I am not talking about an obsession with who will take the Lombardi trophy home after the final battle on the gridiron. I am talking about the obsession American’s have with fat, too much of it around America’s mid-sections, an obsession that stems from our cultural adolescence. With its growing pains, competitiveness, and clear desire for freedom to do what we want when we want, our culture tends to breed ideologies that are fresh and new that separate us from old ways of thinking. Hind sight is 20/20 and Americans are gradually catching on to the wisdom of ancient worlds.

It is natural behavior to take inventory of life in the Fall; early humans took inventory of food and supplies to prepare for winter months when these item would not be easily accessible.   The rhythmic pulse of the earth informed our rhythm or cycle. It was obvious to move with these cycles when we grew and hunted for our food. The earth gave us what we needed when we needed it and our behaviors followed.  In many cultures around the world they continue health practices that are in sync with the change in season. In a country where the year round availability of food and 24 hour gym access can mask the signals our bodies give us to transition our diet and exercise lifestyles with the seasons, it is vital to be aware of the body’s natural rhythms and choose strategies that support the body.

The leaves are changing, its time to change our routines. As we calibrate our thermostats for warm days and cool nights, bring the sweaters, coats and jackets out of storage, winterize our cars, and usher in the season of football, hot drinks and warm socks, let’s winterize our bodies as well.  To begin your lifestyle assessment define the difference you see between what you see in nature in the Spring and Fall to discover the clues nature provides about your body’s needs for Fall.

Success in attaining any goal takes a simple formula that consists of:

  • An objective.
  • Strategies, and
  • Tactics to support the objective.

Transform an obsession into a plan for success:

  1. Define your health objective for fall.
  2. Imagine life in fulfillment of the objective. Enlist all of the senses to build a three dimensional experience.
  3. Identify strategies that support your objective, such as changes in diet and exercise routines, and an accountability partner.
  4. List three specific actions that move you toward accomplishing your goal each week.
  5. Assess your progress weekly, and
  6. Reset your action list, rinse and repeat.
The quickest route between two points is a straight line. The cause of so many failed or slow to manifest desires is the winding path between the beginning and the end. Straighten the path to your desired results with a clear picture of the end result and decisive use of knowledge, skills, and talents. By using your imagination to create a three dimensional version of your outcome you are able to evaluate your plan, make adjustments and add resources where necessary before you begin. Enlisting all of the senses to create your mental model defines the desired outcome clearly and decisively to the mind and body. These two key elements increase the success rate of any goal. Football quarterbacks have greater success once they get into their rhythm on the field. Synchronizing your life rhythm with nature’s rhythm quickly turns obsessions into healthy lifestyle habits that flow free and easy with a touchdown every time.

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