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Effective Parenting is as Easy as 1-2-3 #elleeyre #children #parenting

“Children are an expression of two individuals and the way they desire to impact the world through this expression”  — Elle Eyre

A “good” athlete observes and models other athletes who are getting the effect they which to achieve. “Successful” professionals also study and model others they find to be successful and then model their strategies to attain the results they desire. All of the parents I know have the desire to be ‘good’ ones. Each parent is challenged with factors that affect how they approach parenting. The closest and most apparent model two people have as parents is their parents. Evolution encourages us to continually improve and progress which is very evident when interviewing parents about their style of parenting in comparison to their parents. With each couple on the path of parental evolution a large amount of information has surfaced about ways to be a ‘good’ parent.

Children are an expression of two individuals and they way they desire to impact the world through this expression. Objectives reflect the overall effect a parent desires to have on the world through bringing their children to adulthood. Effective parents consider what their objectives are for raising children and base their actions upon what they plan to achieve as a parent. Effective parents measure the success of their methods by observing how their children respond to their world. Effective parents teach their children how to function constructively, encourage their children to express themselves and adjust methods that are not working.

Three easy steps to becoming a more effective parent are:

  1. Define your objective as a parent. Brainstorm what qualities you desire to see in your children as adults. Create a statement that reflects your objective.
  2. Consider the overall impact you will have on the world by accomplishing your objective through raising your children.
  3.  Define the tools your children will need to have to develop the qualities you desire to see.  Manage situations using these tools and in a way that supports your objective.

There is one more gift effective parents give their children:

Freedom. Freedom to express themselves, freedom to experiment with the tools they are learning, and freedom to trust their own inner knowing.

The results speak for themselves. You can measure the results by observing how your child handles decisions and position themselves in social situations at home or around friends. When someone needs to have their voice heard they express it in many ways behaviorally, verbally or through self-defeating behaviors. Children who receive tools that are helpful to them and cause them to be successful in their lives as they live it tend to seek and take parental guidance more often. Preparing a child to handle their thoughts, emotions, and physical expressions constructively is what parents are for.



  1. I am of the same mind. Purposeful parenting rather than just seeing what happens, much better approach, I agree. Of course, I still do not think that it guarantees our children’s success because ultimately, they decide whether or not to use the tools they’ve been given. But, we should be doing what we can to at least give them what they need to make the best decisions.

    • ElleEyre says:

      Thank you monicadockery for weighing in on the topic of parenting. I hope that you will continue to bring your insights to the table for discussion. Children will definitely choose whether or not to use the tools, however, these tools are conversational and can begin at young ages. Don’t you agree that when we engage children in these types of conversations they become the model for how they will engage as they grow older?

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