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5 Effective Strategies for Life that You Can Apply Today #elleeyre #livinglifeempowered

Everyone has a pattern for processing experiences that effect choices and results in life. Gaining a clear understanding of our own patterns helps us to become effective communicators and gives us an advantage in our decision making.  Increasing positive results in life is simple when we have strategies to handle the seemingly random circumstances life brings and enhances our effectiveness in the world.  By applying basic principles of self evaluation and assessment we have the ability to increases our efficiency in processing minor and major events.

Having a strategy for handling events on constructive autopilot is powerful.  To create change in our lives these strategies are essential.  Much of how we respond, or react, to life comes from the experiences we have had in our families. Parents teach their children through the example of the way they handle situations and how they behave in their varying relationships. As children grow into adulthood they often find that the ways they handle relationships with people, as well as health, education, and world are a result of autopilot connections from problem to solution that were modeled by their parents, teachers, and friends. When there is a breakdown in the effectiveness of these automatic responses it is essential that we recognize our limitations and learn effective decision making skills.

New science has taken us far beyond the traditional decision making process. Gone are the days of where the only information we had to resolve lack of effective thinking and feeling was through psychoanalysis by a professional or through mind and mood altering medications. Today, new thought has made available solutions that are self-responsible and non-evasive. We understand behavioral pattern, the power of the imagination, and the importance of being self aware.  The new information tells us that we have the power to effect great change by simple changing our mind about situations and how we feel about them. New science has brought ancient healing methods to us in a way that we are taught to trust through the application of the scientific process.

The final element that ignites change through these methods is human will.  We have become a society of immediate results, fast food, and conveniences that make the mastery of the mind, emotions, and body appear to be complicated and difficult. It is so much easier to pop a pill or blame someone else than it is to assess ones own self and create effective positive change. Yet we are bewildered and surprised when events repeat themselves.  It can easily be compared to the surprise one might experience when they realize they have reached an unhealthy weight when they have not practiced habits that reveal healthy results.

Five efective strategies that you can apply today include:

  1. Simple awareness of thoughts and emotions.
  2. Mapping behavior and desired behavior provides you with a clear picture from which you can create your strategy.
  3. Taking inventory of recent events with the thoughts, feelings and actions took in relationship to these events increases awareness of patterned behavior.
  4. Creating a list that compares and contrasts the results of these thoughts, feelings and actions into two columns, working and not working, builds awareness of how your behavior affects the results of these choices.
  5. Defining the desired results and allowing the experience to flow through your imagination as if it is already so provides a foundation for clear and clean intention in integrity to your desired outcome.  If you have never experienced similar circumstances that resulted in the desired state then use your imagination to model your ideal outcome, mapping it over to your life.

It may appear that this strategy is simple seeming to minimize your current situation. However, by defining periods of time for which to see measurable results soon what seemed overwhelming is eaten away one day at a time.


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