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Every Day is Christmas. Turning Red to Green. #elleeyre #saltlakecitylocal #saltlakecitybusiness #businesstraining #networkinginsaltlakecity #economicstimulous

As I get caught up in the amusement park that is my mind of ideas I recognize that a few could be turned into money makers. I have a habit of attracting people into my life that are filled with new ideas which become new rides in my mental amusement park. Out of these friends there are few who have the skill, talent or resources for turning their ideas into money. I often thought about how much I would love to get a few of my ideas out of the amusement park and inject some green into my elleconomy.

At one time I was jealous (the wrong kind of green) of those friends who made it look so easy. Instead of getting frustrated (and turning the wrong kind of red) I began to see them not only as friends but also resources of valuable information to assist me with the development the ideas which would stimulate my elleconomy, the lightbulb went on and The Out of the Box Club was born.

The Out of the Box Club is my answer to the problem so many entrepreneur friends were having called “in the red.” The club is designed to gather entrepreneural minds together, to teach each other from experience, to lead fellow members to resources and to stimulate innovation and creativity outside the box of traditional business clubs or networking groups. Because innovation breeds relevance in the marketplace and members have access to a creative team it gives them a big business edge to their eneavors. The other half of membership is the valuble information I can offer to assist members to overcome the mental – emotional obsticles that keep people from moving on an idea or progressing through the steps to make it a business. This creates a unique experience for members and is a game changer.

Anyone can join our club and we would be lucky to have you. Introductory classes are held the first Tuesday of each month via Teleconference. For more information please contact me by email, I am looking forward to learning more about you. Open the Box and peek inside your personal stimulous package with The Out of the Box Club today. 








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