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Effective Mechanisms Create Space for Inspiration #timemanagement #meditation #relationships #ocd #inspiration #elleeyre #lyfeempowered

I have found myself doing more honing of the mechanics if my business and setting schedules at home. For a long time I believed that this meant I was controlling and obsessive compulsive, I probably was some of the time to be honest. (That’s quite a list of programs.)

Most recently I have changed my mind about the role good mechanisms play in life. Looking over those times when life was more planned and regimented there was a great deal of efficiency which left me with time to schedule in more activity. The activities were, in my mind,productive and promoted variety to the hum drum of the every day. Yet, I felt disconnect and my relationships fell apart, or became extinct. I lost myself, and everyone else, in the activity.

Time has passed and in that time I have experienced many other ways of living. There were times when I had just enough energy to breathe, times when there was so much to accomplish I ignored the people in my life, and there were times of quiet, lots of quiet, too much quiet.

I have managed life in different ways at different times letting go of different things that at one time seemed to be vital to my existence. Through it all I have developed a hiarchey of valued parts that, now, create a beautiful flow between tasks or mechanisms, relationships with others, relationship with myself, and a relationship with my higher power.

The mechanisms that create efficiency also created empty space. Instead of being afraid of the empty space I learned to be comfortable in it’s quiet, solitude, and the strange comfort it seemed to bring. I learned things there about myself, my purpose, my life. I choose meditation, value relationships and thought provoking information through mixed media that enhance the spaces in my life. The main take away for me? Space to breathe and be quiet as a result of effective life management is good, very, very good for me.

Because my intention for blogging is more than a creative outlet for the thoughts that flood my mind I am passing on this nugget of wisdom to you in hope that the idea penetrates your mind and causes you to consider your own life and the mechanisms that create efficiency for your life to open up the space to connect to inspiration, people and places that enhance your life. And, if you are lying bed at night thinking life is passing you by you might consider creating some new strategies for managing life differently.

Live Your Best LYFE,


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