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#Friday Faves and Raves #yugster #dailydeal #yugnation #ff@YugNation

Hi, my name is Elle and I am a yughead.

I LOVE Yuster. Everyday there is a message in my inbox leading me to a yummy surprise, you know how I LOVE surprises! Once you yugout you’ll never bugout. 

Click to see an enlarged image of this Deal

Today’s deal is just in time for a fantastic summer of snuggling with your honey. If you don’t have a honey add a little L to your LYFE and attract your perfect partner, don’t ask Y, ask, “Y not have Elle assist me to get what I want.”

When you see this tent out in the wild this summer if its a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’.

Visit and join me and my fellow yugheads as a member of yugnation.



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