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Are You Still In Bed?!

At 9:00 a.m. the phone rings and I answer.  “What does your schedule look like today?” “Quite full actually,” is my response followed by a little sniffle and a …. yawn. “Sounds like you’re still in bed.” came the seemingly envious voice through the phone, “Ah, the life of a Rock Star, working in the PJs.”

This is not the first time the green voice of envy has seeped through the phone as I answer calls, email, and text messages that beckon me from the comfort of my bed. I enjoy it, revel in it, and absolutely relish in the idea of never having to drive in rush hour traffic.

Don’t misunderstand me. I work… a lot, not because I must, because I am in love with what I do. At first I was twitterpated  with the work and just like all new relationships I fell head over heels  in love with blinders on (my mom would tell you this is typical). Not seeing all of the flaws in my master plan or the kinks in my cleverly created system to become the “Rockstar.” By the time I realized the amount of work that would be required to make this relationship really work and last at least as long as my parents have been married it was too late. I was already madly and deeply in love with everything about it. The more I love it the more I want to be with it.  Now days I find myself looking at how to create a little more love for the other parts of my life like… laundry. And, I never said I was very good at sharing.

Some people treat their work like their children, as I have posted before in How to Raise Your Creative Business. Others treat it more like a lover and the phrase  ‘Married to his work’ is literal. So how do people like us learn how to share our time? Is it possible to love many things at a time with generally the same amount of intensity? Well, yes… unless your talking about laundry, I just can’t see how I could love laundry as much as I love THIS. Unless….. I’m making money with laundry, then…..

Balance is a constant, we are always in and out of it, having and not having it, searching and finding it altogether. There’s a machine that you can get that reminds me of the old belt vibrators you could find in gyms… a hundred years ago…. that has a vibrating platform and this is supposed to help you lose weight by standing on it for a few minutes a day. The reason it actually works to burn calories is because you are in and out of balance the entire time you are on it,  all of your muscles are working to get you into balance.  What you might be hearing me say is that you need to rush out and by one of these contraptions because you ate too much over the weekend. What I am saying is that it is good for you to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually thrown off balance because it works all of those muscles create balance and keeps you in good shape as you adjust over and over again searching for center.

Back to business. Your wealth comes from what you know, and now, you know a little more than you did when you woke up this morning. Consider your relationship with your work, whatever that work is. Have you done all that you can to create a good relationship with it and if not, what can you do to develop one. My work is quite an attention hound, however, too much attention breeds disinterest so I like to mix it up with friends, family, and yes… on occasion, some laundry just to keep things spicy.

Keep on Rockin’ (…I know it’s cheesy and it works),



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