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Livin' and Givin' Large Friday

MMM... DoughnutsFree Doughnut Day! I am all about supporting a good cause. When I read about the story behind National Doughnut Day it inspired me.  Something as simple as raised fried bread brought comfort to soldiers during World War II.  My mission is to live big to give big and to teach others how they can do the same. So when I find stories about simple things that made all of the difference I consider whether or not I am waiting for the moment when I can give something big and missing the opportunity to give simply.

Livin’ and Givin’ Large Friday is a new segment for my blog (the name might change but the intention remains). I am choosing to share these stories because I feel that too many times we miss opportunities to give from our hearts because either we don’t feel like it will make that big of a difference or we are waiting for the moment when life changes and all we have to do is think about giving as opposed to earning.

I am keeping this one short and sweet while leaving you with a challenge to consider how you are seeing opportunity to give and make a difference in the large world using the gifts and talents you have inside of you. Is there something simple you do or would like to do that may or may not become the foundation for a national holiday, yet, will light the life of another. It only takes one to change the world, someone’s world.

Live Big and Give Big,


Give Big by texting the word “donut” to 80888 to donate $10 to the Salvation Army


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