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Explore Endless Possibilities with Childlike Curiosity

This piece is a little different from others that I have written. I hope you enjoy it.

A few, just about twenty-one now, years ago I experienced the miracle of the birth of my first child. My second followed close behind a short year later. Why was I in such a hurry for them to grow up? This question is more a reflection of my feeling the need to do some pretty hurried growing up to feel capable to raise these children. I can remember many times of simple enjoyment from getting lost in their world with them. Yet, I truly felt that long gone were childlike daydreams and fantasies for my life because now it was serious.

My greatest desire was to encourage that inner explorer as they learned about this world on which they had arrived. As they grew my mind opened up to new possibilities as I became an explorer along side them and delighted in watching their eyes lighting up when they had a new idea. I was once again connected to daydreams and fantasies I thought were long gone.

Then, they DO grow up. The past several years they have been busy building their own lives with friends and activities. School became something to get through and I found myself feeling relief that WE made it through as my youngest graduates today. Tomorrow her feet will be planted onto a new path that will be unfamiliar to her. My thoughts return to those childhood days of adventure and excitement about every new thing where fear was so completely removed. What can I say to her as she embarks on this new journey that will remind her how exciting new expeditions are?

Inspired by her determination to be the best version of herself I will tell her, “Putting your foot onto a new path that appears to be unfamiliar is an opportunity to test your resourceful and creative nature. Take a break from fear and just notice all that is coming to you to make the seemingly impossible, possible.”

Yes, if you have a child graduating to a new phase of life today you may borrow my words to remind him or her of their inner explorer. I’d love to hear the many ways you encouraged, comforted, and cheer your kids on their adventures.





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