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Poised to Redefine the Possible

As we progress through this life we build an incredible reference library of images, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, emotions, and results from experimenting on life from a single perception. The brain and cellular structure of the body are perfect storage containers able to accumulate, categorize, and file infinite bits of information. We use this information to make choices that create our results, develop our world and enhance our next experience.

Our identity is not defined by this information. Our identity is revealed through what we learn from and how we apply the information in a creative and unique way. Letting go of our attachments to events opens up the present moment and the endless opportunities available to us. This is when we are poised to redefine the possible.

As we progress through time collecting information that allows us to create in our unique way our interactions with the information can appear to be the definition of our lives. Changing how we think and feel about events in our life, the feelings about who we are and the role of our relationships creates true emotional freedom.

What do you believe to be true about yourself based on your experience? I challenge you to dig for those deep pieces of information that are a part of developing your belief about who you are and why you are here. Ask yourself,. “Who would I be with out this?” These beliefs play a role in our results on a subconscious level such as the subprograms that run on your computer effect the external look and feel of its operation. Awareness creates freedom. Begin your LYFE Revolution with awareness and redefine the possible.

You Rock!



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