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Gratitude in Action is a Great Power

When Oprah introduced the Gratitude Journal I saw what a simple tool could do to change lives. The buzz around the Attitude of Gratitude stirred up the imaginations of many people around me as they searched and pondered about what they were grateful for.  For some it became a challenge to discover how many things they could be grateful for each day as they made their lists. I saw it to be a great treasure hunt and as I listened to the levels of gratitude that were discovered it changed me.

Several years have passed since this introduction of the Gratitude Journal and you can find them now in diverse shapes, sized and styles. The treasure hunt for gratitude has not been hindered. This simple idea without bells and whistles has not been sensationalized or dramatized to catch your attention. Focus on gratitude has become the center of many self-help groups and the teachings of many community leaders. Is it the center of your personal self-help?

Gratitude reveals your values which inform your beliefs and your choices. By recognizing which values and beliefs are working for you and which ones are limiting your experience empowers effective life changes. So, this simple exercise of displaying your objects of gratitude becomes a valuable assessment and valuation tool for evolving your inner rock star.

Gratitude is the shortcut to joy. When we feel good our desires flow quickly into our lives. Begin by creating a personal or shared gratitude poster. Each day as you pass the poster jot down or paste a picture of something  you are grateful for. No cheating. Place the poster somewhere you will pass it often. Choosing to invite others to share your experience will bring added benefit although it is your personal picture of gratitude that is important. At the end of the week, take a step back and look at your results. Take a moment to write down your observations and what this new information tells you about your values and beliefs. What is working? and what is not working? What would you like to change? Create a new intention, three action steps with built-in flexibility, and an affirming statement of your visualized results. Watch the magic happen.

Let the hunt begin,



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