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Taking Your Knocks

In the Hero’s Journey there is a time when there is call to be the warrior. Fighting and slaying the foe. Life is filled with experiences. I grew up with the belief that you take your knocks and that some are harder than others. Raised with statements like “cowboy up” and “big girls don’t cry” in the past several years I have discovered the lessons that are secretly stored inside of those experience take away the sting of the hit, and that is not all there is to life. Today I am saying that if you are always taking your knocks then you are not in the fight and you will lose. Boxers battle back and forth in the ring and statistically the boxer who gets the most hits in wins. In baseball the team who wins at least one hundred games makes it to the pennant race. And yes we are in it to win it. Win, lose, yin, yang exist as the motivation to move through time. There comes a time when you have to say that your life is worth living and that come heck or high water there will be a boat, car, helicopter, or even hover craft on its way because you not only deserve to live you MUST live. Each of our souls holds a message, a message that must be proclaimed. You and only you can deliver the message that you feel in your heart. Experts say that men and women have a specific amount of words that must be expelled everyday and words not verbalized show up in your physiology.

Some of us have big dreams, myself included, that are filled with philanthropic endeavors that change hundreds of thousands of lives in third world countries. Others dreams are may be satisfied inside the four corners of their home. It doesn’t matter what your greatest dream is what matters is that the dream is the result of compelling desires that come from the depths of the soul. A soul we know as much about as we know about our complex and vast universe. That those desires call to us in our sleep when we are free from distractions moving us from day to day and through the hard knocks of life. Dreams are visual interpretations of a deep message that is determined to be shouted from the mountaintops  in spite of efforts to keep it contained.

Desiring to live consciously in my life I have caught myself so many times saying, ” it’s OK, things are going to change, this is only temporary and there must be something I need to learn,” and “I’m being to idealistic and It’s just not my time, maybe I’m sniffing up the wrong tree.” I know it’s unbelievable that I could say such things. Those are good examples of what goes through my head when I am taking my knocks without hitting back and after a while, 100 hits to be exact, I am down by knock out… that’s losing in boxing and in life. I have decided that there is a difference between being conscious, (there is no best label for this way of being so I’m going with this one), and being the other side of a sucker punch.  Being a conscious person is like looking at the scenery on a trip with no destination. Being conscious because it keeps you from feeling the sting of the punch, is like a road trip with no scenery. It is the irony of life. What if, (this is where I get philosophical), living consciously is about being true to the message that reveals its self in your dreams at night. What if living for the whole experience is the true nature of our souls?

Living the experiences, recognizing the lessons, gaining the knowledge and then the wisdom that comes from applying that knowledge to live the dream is the process we experience as an expression of the souls message.  In our modern American society the elderly are put away when they are considered to have outlived their usefulness. In other cultures the elderly are revered and even worshiped for their abundance of experience which becomes wisdom as they share the things they have learned throughout their lives with younger generations. It is the message, the desire to share the value of their life’s journey with those that they love that takes the forefront and motivates the telling of their stories, their hero’s journey which has the potential to inspire and to motivate the willing listener. Without the journey there is no story to tell, no lesson to learn, no message to give, no effect on the world. Until you pull the slinky off of the first stair there is no motivation for it to move. Birth pulls us of off the first stair, the dream is the motivation to move through time on this journey evident through the questions we often pose about our final destination, not knowing the destination would make for a pretty good reason to stay put and yet we move through life regardless of this knowledge. Life is the story and the wisdom from having lived the from the motivation of the dream.  In my life that means that I must live as big as my dream or I am denying the message of my soul and rejecting life. Life has a funny way of showing me all of the ways I am avoiding living the dream. It shows me through my finances, my physical appearance, my relationships, in the way I think or feel, and the vocalization of desire, want, and perceived need. I have had the motto, ‘Trust, Focus, Do It” for the past several months. I have a new motto has changed along with my attitude. My new motto is, “I am staking my claim, I AM the Rockstar!” It is time to be the warrior in my journey and throw some punches of my own.

Coaching for the coach, it’s time for an attitude change. Live the dream, don’t accept less than a “Rockstar” lifestyle because only a “rockstar” lifestyle can support a “rockstar” dream like mine. Beginning with an inventory of what is and isn’t working daily in my life. Where am I simply being “conscious” for the sake of avoiding the sting of the punch. What thoughts, feelings, and actions are true to the dream. Things come to people because they expect them to, so, how am I accepting or rejecting the endless resources, (and that includes money people), available to me to live the dream. What do I really, really, really want to change and defining the internal and external actions steps to create the change. To figure out the message of your soul, take a long look in the mirror and notice what you see, hear (especially in your own head), feel,  smell, and even taste paying attention to your inner desires, wants and needs.What is your physiology telling you about your unpronounced message? Write it down and be honest with yourself and you’ll get honest results.

That’s all for me today, till next time, keep rockin!



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