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Parenting Your Heart Based Business


Heart based businesses are like children.  Owners and parents are comparatively connected to their offspring and are deeply invested in the success of the two often taking the successes and failures as personal reflections of their caretaking abilities.

Children can bring joy, and moments of excitement to their parents as they grow and change which is a constant. Through the development of their children, parents often experience disappointment, heartache, resistance, and lose sight of the rewards of parenthood. Parents who choose to utilize their personal gifts and talents to connect to their children create a certain flow in the family dynamic through engaging the child’s own developing gifts and talents. The resulting flow can create times of effortlessness in the parenting experience. It takes courage to allow these gifts to take the lead for the parent who desires their children discover their place in the world organically while instilling values they feel will encourage overall success. Many parents are opposed to the spoiling or the over indulgence of a child as they feel this will create a disadvantage in the child’s success in the world as they embark upon it independently.  Most parents recognize that healthy boundaries teach valuable lessons to their children and create balance in life. As parents deny any competition between them concerning their children a parent’s desire successful provision for their children long after they leave the nest often breeds competition. A competitive environment encourages growth and improvement assisting the child to create a framework for analytic thinking and strategic planning for their future. Parents who recognize economic trends encourage children to pursue education and career paths that will be in demand and provide them with the greatest advantage in the marketplace through the development of their strengths, weaknesses, and interests in addition to their natural gifts, talents and abilities. Throughout the child-rearing experience, parents work to develop values in a child without robbing them of their creativity and innovation. Every parent of a teenager soon recognizes that the impending independence of the child is eminent and spends these years in a last ditch effort to instill the skills they feel will be of the greatest value to the child often questioning whether or not the child is absorbing or even paying attention to this valuable information. After all of the carefully designed guidance parents provide children throughout their lives in choosing values, disciplines, and opportunities that will create the greatest personal and professional success, ultimately the child chooses for himself.  The average college student will change major fields of study as many as six times before settling on ‘the one’, and the average American will change careers as many as ten times in their lifetime exposing the child to many experiences with success and disappointment, discouragement, and frustration. Parents often make the mistake of taking the ongoing development of the independent child as a personal reflection of their caretaking and provisional ability. Children who learn personal management skills experience balance and success through thick and thin times. Parents who have created the most balanced environment for the growth of their children are confident in the child’s ability to manage all of life’s experiences successfully.

Comparatively the business of the heart can bring joy and excitement to the creative entrepreneur as they watch it grow and develop from inception to actualization.  Along the way, he or she may also experience disappointments resulting in frustration and short periods of success followed by long periods that are less rewarding. The entrepreneur who utilizes his or her gifts and talents creates unmatched value to the business, and evokes passion, which makes work seem effortless resulting in a strategic advantage over competing businesses. It takes courage to allow these gifts to lead in a creative’s business because of the emotional investment involved in doing so as most feel deeply connected to their venture as a manifestation of their mission and purpose. An entrepreneur who views the business as an extension of their personal mission may find it difficult not to be all things to all people. Creating healthy boundaries for the business provides value, balance and increases flow. Because these types of entrepreneurs generally choose ventures, which have not, been financially proven in the marketplace it is vital to keep their finger on the pulse of economic trend and consumer demand by creating a framework for analytic thinking and strategic planning to ensure the financial success of their business.  Often heart based business owners make the mistake of attaching personal value to their products and services so when a consumer responds in a negative way they feel that it is a reflection of their personal worth and ability to be successful in their endeavor.  Focus on creating value develops innovation that solves problems for customers and will not rob creativity. As the creative entrepreneur solves problems in novel ways, they hedge the competition and increase their success. Unconventional creative entrepreneurs are a little like teenagers in their business appearing to be disinterested in the experience of traditional business practitioners as they develop their businesses. Although money is rarely the motive for the creative who desires to connect to their work and their customer in new ways as they choose traditional business models and strategies which are necessary for business operation as well as communication, leadership, salesmanship, and presentation skills their businesses are constructed to succeed. These learned skills do not usually come naturally and can be terrifying in some cases even for the most skilled professionals. The variance between those who choose to develop these skills and those who do not is the tipping point from struggle to unparalleled financial success.

Conclusively building creative businesses is like raising children. Entrepreneurs that feed their innovative ventures a well balanced diet of heart, clear boundaries, well developed gifts, skills, talents, understanding of  market value to the customer motivated by passion and desire for the best possible outcome  create an ideal environment for the growth of their businesses. Creative business owners who take a mature approach to traditional business models by developing their professional skills increase their advantage in the marketplace affecting their financial bottom line positively.


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