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Great Minds Have Purpose


Washington Irving expressed, “Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.” Because we do not live in a vacuum, when we remove negative behaviors, positive ones must replace them or negative behaviors will return to fill the void. Cultivating healthy thought habits is crucial in creating balanced LYFE strategies, clarity, intention and manifesting our desires.


There are many ways to train the mind to run healthy thought patterns that will result in our attracting circumstances that match our desires such as, meditation, visualization, affirmation, vision boards, etc. All of these are effective and when use in conjunction with each other has the potential to be very powerful.

It is important to note that affirmations founded upon congruent beliefs are the most powerful ones. It is not impossible to convince yourself that you deserve a Porche but to manifest a Porche you must believe with all your soul that you deserve it, that it is for your highest good and purpose, that one has already been created for you and that it is on its way into your concrete world. To create this belief and write it into your physiology you must utilize all of your senses including your sixth sense, psychic sense, in other words, your imagination. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practioners have been using basic modeling, which utilizes the brains organizational systems, with clients for decades to assist them in tapping into the potential of the minds creative abilities to produce results beyond their perceived limits. Olympic trainers use visualization technologies to stretch the physical potential of Olympic athletes. Now Quantum NLP practitioners are combining traditional NLP methods with the power of the imagination to produce immediate results for their clients.

As a Quantum NLP practioner, I use methods that create a safe and limitless space for clients to manifest anything their mind can imagine. Using the Quantum State, you can create a full sensory experience in a safe and limitless environment that signals to the mind that whatever is experienced in this space has actually happened in the concrete world, as the mind cannot differentiate input that is imagined or concrete, effectively changing what the mind believes to be true. By utilizing this technology affirmations are founded on congruent beliefs and increase the rate at which they manifest into the concrete world because affirmations are written as expressions of an experience instead of what is wished or wanted to be experienced.

I invite you to take a moment to create a Quantum State for creating affirmations of your creations. Begin by getting into a comfortable position and closing your eyes. Once your eyes are closed, imagine a shape on the ground in front of you. Next, imagine the shape in 3-D. You will create a safe and limitless space for creation inside of this three dimensional shape. Please step inside of the shape and begin to create your quantum space by allowing your imagination to fill it will color, textures, scents, flavors and sounds, that feel comfortable and creative to you. As you notice this space, notice how you feel in your body. Notice the expansiveness and limitlessness of the space. Feel the texture of the inside and outside of the space. Notice the sound that the space makes. Notice how the scent of the space makes you feel. When you are complete with creating your space, you can open the space anytime you choose to create something new in your world.

Once your Quantum Space has been created you are ready to create. Step inside of the space and begin to imagine a circumstance that you would like to manifest into your concrete world. Experience the circumstance fully, feeling it in your body. Notice as you look around if there are any colors that stand out. Notice the world around you. How are the people in this circumstance interacting with each other? What are they wearing, saying or noticing? Notice what you hear in the environment, from others, and in your own mind. Notice all of the scents, tastes and textures of the world where this circumstance are taking place. You notice a mirror and step towards it. Notice your body. What are you wearing? What color is your hair and how is it styled? Notice your shape and size. Notice your posture. Notice your skin, your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Notice what you are saying about yourself as you look into the mirror. Continue to notice everything about this experience until you feel that you have experienced it fully then travel with this experience into the future and notice how this experienced has changed your life and the life of others including the whole world. Notice how the world has benefited from your having had this experience. Notice the appreciation others have for you because you chose to have this experience. Notice how the world looks through your eyes and the eyes of those you love because you chose to have this experience. As you come to then end of your life, take one last look back through time and notice the generations that have been positively effective because you chose to have this experience. Notice how you are filled with gratitude for the lessons you have learned, the knowledge you have gained and the contribution you have made to the world because of this experience. Allow your creator to acknowledge your accomplishment and thank you for your choices. Now move into the now and gently open your eyes. Notice how you are feeling in your body and your mind. Immediately record your experience in a journal or notebook. Be as descriptive and complete as possible. When you have described as fully as possible your experience, create a statement, or affirmation, to remind you of the experience. Begin your statement with “I AM”, be specific, and speak in the now.


The Laws of Attraction are so powerful that when you hold your attention on a thought for as little as seventeen seconds, another thought is likely to join it, and then another, creating a powerful point of attraction for your desire to be drawn into your circle. For centuries Mandalas, dream catchers, or medicine wheels, have been used for meditation to clear and focus the mind. Creating a meditation around a mandala for your affirmation, releases resistance and increases the power of your intention. To deepen your experience I invite you to use images, colors, key words and phrases that you noticed while in your experience to create your mandala.

Live Big to Give BiG,


Excerpt from the BiG LYFE Design© workshop series by Elle Eyre, Miracle Circles.

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