LYFE Method

I Am.


The next natural step after evaluating how you feel about an event is to create something from it. We are continually creating from moment to moment to moment. My experience in coaching with hundreds of clients is that there is a natural and simple order to making sense of the events of our life and that when we know what that order is it empowers us, we become effective, efficient creators of our own lives, and we find joy and live passionately. The innate creator inside of us takes chaos, evaluates it, intends a new creation and then creates something new. When we create unconsciously, we create stories, judgments and beliefs about ourselves that can cause us to feel unresolved and can result in a recreation of the event repeatedly until we reach resolution. When we create consciously, we are open and aware that experiences create opportunities for us to find and fulfill our purpose and empower us to create our lives with joy and passion.

Einstein says, “In order to solve a problem you have to go one level above the thinking that created the problem.” Evaluated properly, how an event affected us reveals clues to our true self. When we connect to our true self, our choices change organically to match our vibration, and we begin to attract circumstances to live from our higher selves. I like to use the metaphor of a car accident because there are so many that can relate the feelings or can imagine how it must feel to have been the giver or receiver of a car crash. Let us imagine for a moment you have recently been in a moderate car accident. What are some of the things you feel at the time of the accident? What are some of the things you hear on your internal recording? What do you begin to say about yourself? Most who have shared this metaphor with me express that they feel badly about the accident, mainly for the other person. When considering the messages heard on the internal recording the most given answer is, “I am a bad driver.” At this moment a belief is being formed from which choices are made and creation begins. This is the point to stop, look and listen to the clues these feeling give you about your true identity that can alter your belief and the resulting creation. What is your positive intent for feeling badly for yourself and others? What does concern for the wellbeing of yourself and others tell you about your true self? Compassion, love, and kindness are some of the divine characteristics that come to mind. Here is an opportunity for you to choose to believe that you are a “bad driver” and go out creating that you are a bad driver repeatedly as the universe supports your beliefs by matching the “bad driver” vibration. On the other hand, you could choose to believe that you are compassionate, loving, and kind and create that repeatedly as the universe delivers up events that match the vibration of compassion, love, and kindness. Because your level of thinking has increased, your thought, emotion, and physical vibrations have also increased, and you receive opportunities to live from your higher self.

There is a positive intent for all that happens in our world. I feel that by becoming the observer to our lives we become more objective and balance is easy and effortless to have. Slowing our processing down allow us to consciously make new choices that will override old ones that are not working. Our physical, mental and emotional self are tuned into vibrations based on our beliefs about yourself, others and the world. We are receiving matching circumstances and events like a radio waves are tuned in from a car stereo.

I invite you to take a moment as the observer of your creation (world) to stop, look and listen to the feedback you are receiving, consider your desires and ask yourself what is working and what is not working? (You might want to grab a paper and pen this is good stuff). Stop, look and listen for underutilized resources that you already have available to you in the way of talents, skills, divine characteristics. Stop, look, and listen to your internal belief system. What beliefs or thinking habits are attracting events and circumstances to you that you do not like? What is on your internal recording that is incongruent with your desires? What do you feel your mission or purpose is and what is working or not working for you to accomplish this mission or purpose? How do the changes in your world affect others? How would you like it to affect others?

Just like learning to drive a stick this gets easier as you create new neural pathways by practicing this new thought process. Just imagine the results of you making a simple change to the way you respond to your world. Imagine as you wake up tomorrow morning and the alarm goes off how good it will feel to know that you are in charge of your life that no matter what happens you get to say how you allow it to change your world. Imagine as you work through your week how much different your relationships are at work, at home and at play as you choose your results through your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Imagine how much balance, ease and effortlessness you will notice as you move through each day. Just imagine.

Live BiG to Give BiG,


Excerpt from the BiG LYFE Design© workshop series by Elle Eyre, Innate Creator.

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