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Everything Is Perfect

>As I consider the events that make up a day some seem smoothe and others not so much. It seems that the ones that don’t go as expected are the ones that stand out. I believe we are self- correcting beings continually seeking to create balance in our lives.

So, when things don’t work out we worry and work to put it into balance. It is important to remember to take a breath, a step back and look at it all from the depths of space and time where the creator of all sits and waits and watches and creates. Taking this perspective allows us to see the creator inside of us is the one who seeks to create change. The recognition that there is something in chaos that calls to us to organize it, intend its purpose then create beauty is a characteristic of our divinity.

My challenge to you is to breathe deeply, and contemplate what it is you are seeing in situations that seem out of order, then, as the creator you are, let go of attempts to go back to do it over and just be who your are. Be a creator. Take the chaos, organize and intend its purpose then create something beautiful. This is the lesson for all of life. We are creators in training given endless ways to practice our creative powers.


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