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Quieting the Mind

>By Elle Eyre

Learning to listen to the body by quieting the mind through meditation is vital to recognizing what your body is communicating to you, receiving inspiration, creating clarity, and reducing stress. As you practice quieting your mind, you will find meditation is easy and a quick method to rejuvenate when there is no time for napping. This beginning meditation is designed to give you an initial experience with quieting your mind. In advanced coaching, you will receive additional meditations that create specific results, or, have little, if any, guided imagery. Quieting your mind expands you into a realm of new possibilities available for you to choose from as you create your life’s strategy.

 Daily Grounding Meditation (5-15 minutes)

Complete each morning just before getting out of bed and at night just as you get into bed, and anytime you feel a need to rest and rejuvenate. Be sure you are comfortable. Wrap a blanket around you because your body temperature will drop; this will allow you to maintain a longer, deeper meditative state. If you are finding that you are falling asleep before you complete the meditation, try sitting in a comfortable chair, or on the floor with your sit bones on a folded blanket to create a straight and relaxed torso position. You may choose to play soft instrumental music in the background to time yourself and to give your mind another focus. Use as many musical selections as are appropriate for the time you have allotted for your meditation. Extend your meditation time as your mind becomes stronger and can more easily become quiet.

Close your eyes. Feel the pull of gravity on your body as you are sitting or lying down. Focus on the spot behind your eyes and between your ears and drop it down into your heart space. Take long deep breaths, 4-5 seconds on the inhale and 4-5 seconds on the exhale. Move the breath up the front of the body and down the spine or up the spine and down the front of your body, massaging the spine as the breath moves along it. Begin at the belly and allow it to relax. Finish each breath in the chest, expanding and lifting. Keep your shoulders down, away from your ears. Allow the body to move naturally with each breath. Thoughts may come; that is ok; just let them go as easily as they came.

Focus your attention on each breath. Notice the sounds that are all around you now. You do not have to change anything, just be aware of what is going on around you and let it go. Focus on the breath. Now, imagine a beam of golden light coming down from the heavens and pouring into the crown of your head. Allow the light to saturate your body, exiting through to the floor. Create a grounding cord of light moving down through the floor beneath you, down through the earth to the earth’s core. Tie the cord off around the core of the earth. Feel the pull of gravity as the cord tethers you to the earth. Feel the energy of the earth as it pulsates along the cord of light up through your body, into the heavens and then returns, creating an endless cycle of energy connecting heaven and earth with this cord of light moving through you. You feel revitalized, clear, loved, and abundant. Continue to focus on the breath. When you are complete, come back into your body. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Stretch. Gently open your eyes and come back into the room.

Resource: MyBigSkinnyLYFE Design Portfolio©: Six Weeks to Success Workshop; Week One.


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