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Learn, Laugh, Share

>MyBigSkinnyLyfe is a place to learn, to share and to laugh about the big and skinny of life. As I experienced the ebb and flow of life, which felt more like I had entered a boxing ring, I recognized that humor was the best remedy to the low times. I would share with my family and friends some of the humorous insights to the current events and experiences in my life and it lightened my load. You see, life as I had known it had fallen completely apart. As I learned and studied how to restore balance to my life, as if it existed in the first place, I felt a passion for teaching others how to create balance in thier lives which led me to coaching.

I began as a fitness coach. There I learned many things about human nature as well as human bodies. I recognized that the emotional and spiritual part of our lives plays a significant role in the physical part of our lives. That in the fitness industry the focus is on the skinny, constantly reducing ourselves to a little as possible when life calls us to live as big as possible. This is a terrible inbalance. As my mind contemplated the idea of finding balance with fitness and fit-ness I found that I was doing it backwards. I was looking for a physical solution in hopes that if I looked perfect and I lived perfectly on the outside then everything would be all right. That it would feel the same as when I would scrape my knee and my mom would put a Band-Aide on it, kiss it and make it all better. Working out, dieting, housekeeping, scrapbooking, volunteering, clothes, hair colors (I’m certainly not saying that a good hair color doesn’t transform my world because it absolutely does… for about three months when my roots appear), pedicures, acrylic nails, car, house and pets all became Band-Aides in my mind, and money is definately not a kiss.

With each client I learned more and more about how powerful the spirit self was. I began using meditation techniques with resistance training and watched as clients improved by leaps and bounds. The more I read and the more I learned about the soul and the powers of creation I found that balance is a moderation of all things. I learned that when allowed to be led by the spirit self nothing was impossible. And so here I am. Living my passion. It feels so good to say that and even better to really believe it. I do believe that there are endless possibilities and the opportunities to have our hearts desire open up all around us in every moment everyday, the key? Opening the heart to receive those desires.

I am the student and the teacher and as I learn I want to share with you. I have hope that you will find the words I write to be informative, inspirational, and sometimes funny.

And because life’s scale has two sides, unbalanced and balanced, I’ll see you on the other side (the side of balance.)



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