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Houston, We Have Lift Off

>Elle here. This is a new adventure for me so for those of you who have opted to be of support, because I said so, thank you so much. For those of you who missed the threatening email message inviting you at risk of your life to visit this blog I feel you might want to know what the heck is going on. Here’s the skinny.

I have this marvelous idea that has brewing in my evil little brain for, well lets just say, awhile now. It has driven family members crazy as I have talked and talked about it and what I want it to look like, because, for what to me seems like a marvelous plan to take over the world is big on paper. I figure, if it can fit into my head, which is roughly the size of a small melon, it must be doable. Right? That’s what I thought.

My wild and wonderful plan begins with this blog. I intend to blog about how to create a successful strategy for balancing life, that’s not to say that you won’t occasionally see my personal life and experiences leaking between the letters of the words because you will. You see, I’m not writing this because I have it all figured out, quite the contrary, I’m writing this because I want my life to feel balanced and free flowing even when major change happens. So, each month I am choosing an area of balance and compiling information, articles, websites, and local area products and services that support that area of balance and sharing it with you here, over cyberspace. Fortunately, I have leads on many wellness services and products already so I feel like I have a good start. Unfortunately, I live in South Jordan Utah and so I may not be writing about products or services in your area. However, I have a beautifully evil plan, you, the reader, can email me about wellness products and services in your area and I, Elle, will qualify it (it’s gotta pass the eighty-year-old grandma test) and the share it with the audience.

Welcome to LYFE Empowered. Since we’ll be working with each other you might want to know a little about our mission. LYFE Empowered is dedicated to creating a community where health and wellness abound by providing guidance and resources that personally enhance everyday life, transforming it into living. Believing that the individual is intended to be the creator of his or her own world and through the power of giving all can enjoy the abundance that is available to each of us.

There you have it, an intimate glance at my evil plan to take over the world. I would be careful with whom you share this with, it is indisputabley contagious and could cause reactions such as, boldness, passion, laughter, and, dare I say it, joy.

Till next time…
Live BIG,




  1. Linda says:

    >Very nice… I will be following for sure. I LOVE love blogging… my blog is mostly just family but I would love for you to take a peek in now and then Love you!~Auntie Linda

  2. LORI says:

    >Your Awesome Girl.. I know that you will find much success.

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